Fascism or Revolution?

As the aftershock of the election of Trump continues to sink in; the forces of the right continue to advance their agenda through the advisers who Trump draws upon to fill his cabinet and staff.  Kris Korbach, a member of Trump’s transition team has recently indicated that the new administration would reinstate a national registry for immigrants from Muslim countries where there were active terrorist groups.

Korbach, who is currently the Kansas secretary of state, was referring to the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, first introduced in 2002, but thankfully significant portions were suspended in 2011. When this kind of talk is combined with references to the Supreme Court ruling in 1944 upholding the legality of the Japanese Exclusion Act which resulted in the interment of Japanese-Americans during the Second World War, there is real reason to concern that Muslim-Americans are in danger of facing a similar fate under Trump.  Of course this will require a decision for all of those who think that they fulfilled their obligations by voting.

Opposing Trump will require more than waiting for four more years to vote for someone else.  There is of course the distinct possibility that there might not be an election in four more years if we just sit around and wait.  The entire population of the undocumented is in the tenuous situation of not knowing what will happen to them under Trump; there is an entire generation of “Dreamers” who are afraid to start college; their parents are just worried that they will no longer be able to keep their jobs in the underground economy.  Those who have the luxury of not having to worry because they are neither Muslim nor undocumented need to step up to the task at hand of opposing Trump and his policies.  Sitting back to wait and see what happens is no enough; reach out to those who are threatened and offer your personal support.  Understand that we will soon be faced with a choice between opposing Trump and his policies by whatever means we will be allowed to do.  Recent proposals would make it a felony to protest in such a way as to disrupt economic activity (such as blocking traffic); this would be considered “economic terrorism”.  So understand that the peaceful legal ways will not be legal in the future, be prepared to do what needs to be done.

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