House Rules

These are our policies for editing comments and posts:

1. Don’t make threats of violence, ever

2. Don’t address people using any form of slurs. No sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic slurs or comments

3. Don’t make personal attacks. Don’t call someone fat, stupid, crazy, etc

4. Trolling, flaming and spamming not allowed

5. Back up your criticisms of people or political organizations

6. One-liners and dissing are not allowed. Comments must engage with the discussion in some substantial way or some part of the argument. Clarifying questions or responses, so long as they don’t violate this spirit, are allowed.

7. There will be no revealing of personal identifying information (PII) of any rank-and-file members. Stick to pseudonyms. A public figure such as a Union leader can be identified by name.

8. Keep a respectful and comradely environment on this blog

9. Only UBC members will be given the password to protected sections of the site. This protects the administrators of the blog and it protects the rank and file Union carpenter from 1) violating our union obligation 2) political retaliation by those with a bone to pick.

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